A common question I get when friends or clients ask me to look at their plants is 'Did I kill it'? Most often the answer is no. Your plant just needs a little bit of extra attention. Bring your favorite plant to this workshop and we will take a look. Promise, no judgment, everyone else will be bringing a plant that needs some attention too. You may not feel like you have a green thumb but I promise you will walk away from this workshop knowing you and this plant will have long life together. Unless you actually did kill it.

What to bring to this workshop? 

  • Your sad plant.

  • A pot that you want to repot in. This pot should be at least 2 inches larger than the pot the plant is in currently and the should have a drainage hole on the bottom. You can also pick from my collection of pottery that will be for sell.

I will take care of the tools, the dirt, and have herbal tea and snacks for us to enjoy.

Cost: $20

pre-registration required by

Friday, April 19th

Open by Appointment Only

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1720

Lyons, Colorado 80540

Phone: 720-556-2021



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