Our homes are to be our sanctuaries.

A place where we feel most connected to ourselves, relaxed, and centered. 

Research has shown that being in the presents of nature actually releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin – neurotransmitters in the brain linked to emotional bonding, mood stability, and the overall feeling of happiness. We are meant to live close to nature and introducing plants and flowers into the home is one way for us reconnect.

It's self care in the simplest form.


Let's create space...

Are you looking to introduce plants into the home but feel that you have no idea where to start or how to care for them? 

Don’t worry. I can help you. Let's start with a home consultation. I'll come over and we will look at the natural lighting of your home and get an idea of spacing, where plants will thrive, and the size of plants we should introduce. Each home has its own characteristic, architectural design, mixed with your own style and taste. Together we will find the perfect plants and pottery that will add to the decor of your home as well as produce a calm and serene environment for you and/or your family to dwell.


Consultations average about 1 hour and we will discuss the following:

  • Your plant knowledge and how much time you want to spend watering each week?

  • Lighting and placement of plants. Touring your home and learning where you would like to add plants. I have suggestions and ideas for you too. 

  • Are you wanting to start small with just a few plants or go big with many plants?

  • Your budget.

  • Your taste and style. It’s important for me to know what you do not like just as much as what you do.

  • Pottery. Do you like lots of different colors or are you wanting a simplistic yet elegant thread throughout all your pottery?

  • Do you travel a lot? If so, that is okay, I can ‘plant sit’ with weekly waterings.

  • Do you have animals that like to eat plants? 

  • Are you allergic to pollen? If so, we will make sure not to bring in flowering plants.

  • Do you already have plants that need repotting to trimming so that they will aesthetically work with the new plants you are introducing?

Consultation Fee: $75 for the Boulder County Area

If you purchase over $250 worth of plants the $75consultation fee is waived and will be credited to your invoice.

Monthly Plant and Flower Membership


Forget over styled, over tweaked, tightly bunched arrangements, Sage & Grace bouquets are loose, natural, abundant and beautiful. I’ve always been inspired by the natural beauty of flowers. Sage & Grace arrangements emphasize the organic movement of flowers producing an asymmetrical style with lots of greenery and texture which replicates the ‘fresh out of the garden’ feel bouquet. 


Every Monday and Wednesday morning, I am at the Flower Market working with the wholesalers directly. Spring, summer, and fall, you’ll find me sourcing a majority of my botanicals from local Boulder County flowers farmers, using florals that are in season as my palette for inspiration.



At Sage and Grace our goal is to help you create a more serene and healthy environment in your home with plants. There are many studies proving that plants not only clean our air in the home but help reduce stress and create an overall peaceful feeling to your surrounding. Plants just make people happy. We as humans are meant to live close to nature and introducing plants into the home is one way to do so.


I work with two greenhouses, one in Boulder and one in Denver, where I personally pick each and every plant. Making sure you are getting a well established healthy plant that you will be able to keep for many years. With each plant delivery you will get a How to Care for card along with the symbolism of the plant. As I get to know you and your house, where you would like to add plants, I will be able to find the perfect plant for any location in your home that will thrive with the naturally provided light.


What you are receiving.

  • A 1-year monthly delivery of fresh flower bouquet or a beautiful house plant.

  • Delivery will fall around the 15th of each month yet this can be modified, if needed.

  • At the beginning of each month you will receive an email from me asking if you would like a flowers or a plant for your monthly delivery. The choice is yours!


Service Includes.

  • Complimentary plant service and repotting, if need, for the duration of the membership.

  • All house plants will come in a terra cotta pot and with a saucer.

  • 1 complimentary Leather Plant Holder custom made by Holly Beck Designs.

  • 1 complimentary Textile Plant Holder custom design by Georgia English.

  • 1 glass vase for flowers bouquets to be reused.

  • Complimentary Lyons Delivery


Yearly Membership Fee: $600.00 (excludes tax)

Open by Appointment Only

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1720

Lyons, Colorado 80540

Phone: 720-556-2021




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